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About Red Hill Groves


A Family Business




Red Hill Groves was established in 1962. Our original packinghouse was built in the beautiful Conway area of Orlando. Rich in citrus history, many of central Florida's citrus pioneers planted their first groves here. Known for its good soil, beautiful sand bottom lakes and clean healthy air, it was the perfect place for us to showcase our delicious citrus fruit. This year Ted and I decided to move our operation closer to our home in Sanford. We have been driving 100 miles a daily for 35 years and wanted to spend more time on the farm. Come visit us at the “Farm”.


Ted and Ed started picking and selling oranges from the front porch of our house when we were in elementary school. Our dad said if we wanted new bikes for Christmas then we had better get busy picking some Navel oranges. He would drop us off in the grove early Saturday morning with picking bags, ladders, some field boxes and a cooler of water. I can't count how many times we've been up and down those ladders with 90lb bags full of Navel Oranges, Red Grapefruit, Lemons and Tangerines. We bagged the citrus up in large 50lb mesh bags and stacked them in front of the house. We put out a little sign and we were in business. Over the years we created quite a following, with customers coming from all over to purchase our grove fresh citrus. Let's get back to those bikes. About a week before Christmas, Dad would sit my brother and me down and split up the proceeds. One dollar for Dad, one dollar for Ted, and one dollar for Ed. When the cigar box of money was gone we would go buy our new bikes and presents for the family. Those were valuable lessons our father taught us at an early age. Today, those same lessons run Red Hill Groves. Hard work, an honest business, and quality citrus have made Red Hill Groves what it is today.

From our humble beginnings, our family's goal has been to provide the freshest, very best quality citrus Florida has to offer. One of us is in the groves everyday checking the trees to make sure they are growing the best world-class oranges and grapefruit to offer you, your family, and friends.

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