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What Are Honeybells?


Honeybell oranges are juicy and deliciously sweet citrus fruit. The month of January is the only month they reach the height of ripeness. Honeybell oranges are also known as Minneola tangelos and are actually not even an orange. In fact, honeybells are actually a mixture of the Darcy type of tangerine and either the Bowen or Duncan type of grapefruit. This fusion of citrus fruits, which according to a variety of sources, can be tracked all the way back to ancient Asia. The end result of this hybridization, produces a delicious citrus fruit that is similar to a grapefruit in size and color, but has the juicy sweetness of as tangerine. Honeybells are known for the following:


  • Sweetness

  • Rarity

  • Ample Juice Supply


It is typical for Honeybell oranges to be ordered several months before their peak ripeness in January. At times you may see some honeybell oranges ready to ship in December, but usually they are not available until late January or even into February.


The trees that hold these sweet honeybell oranges can be found by the Indian River located in Florida. Harvesting the honeybell oranges from these trees can be cumbersome as it is easy to damage there stem. They stem has a bell like shape which is actually the inspiration for the fruit’s name. 



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