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Indian River Grapefruit

What Are Indian River Grapefruit?


Indian River Grapefruit come from the Indian River Citrus District found in Florida. This area is known for weather conditions, soil, and water that is ideal for growing plump citrus. The Indian River District is actually famous for producing the best grapefruit. This Indian River Grapefruit is said to be so sweet that you won’t even need to add the typical spoonful of sugar! What makes Indian Rover Grapefruit so special is the Indian River Lake they are grown along. This lake is located near the Gulf Stream which has an ocean current warm in temperature. This helps protect the grapefruit from changing weather patterns.


You will definitely see a difference when comparing Indian River grapefruit with Californian grapefruit. Indian River grapefruit have the following:


  • Less Pulp

  • Sweeter Taste

  • Thinner Rind


Grapefruit from California may be easier to peel, but they do not compare to Indian River grapefruit in sweetness and juice. You can also find California grapefruit in the early fall or late summer, whereas, Indian River grapefruit usually peaks in December. This makes Indian River grapefruit the perfect Christmas gift.

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